Our mission , your success

Nova Experia orders her professionals to resolve knowledge and capacity issues.
That is our mission!

Your success , our mission

Our services are more than just supplying employees. Nova Experia wants to ensure that your project is a success . It is our mission to provide relevant, reliable and energetic services, so we can be an excellent partner to our professionals and employers. It can be realised through the efforts of motivated and experienced specialists who are fully committed for the benefits of our projects and the realization of your (project ) objectives as the employer.

Our focus, specialization in the disciplines and consistent quality of our growing international services make us a reliable partner.

Investing in the community

Corporate social responsibility is a matter of course for Nova Experia. We focus our corporate social responsibility activities on people , the environment and society. We are working together with Emopact to stimulate personal development, We are working on environmental conservation measures , encouraging the use of energy-efficient cars, conduct of environmentally sound management and supporting humanitarian causes.