Appealing projects for Technical, Financial & Administrative personnel

As a professional, you would like to be constantly challenged, think and participate in interesting projects. It is possible to gain experience in large national and international companies. Nova Experia helps you to fulfill your ambitions.

Personal development

There are many expectations when you work for Nova Experia. We and our clients are specialized in the Oil , Gas and Power related industries and construction and civil engineering projects. Larger employers with often more complex issues and projects are ideal when developing further as a professional. Training, coaching and mentoring are important factors as we pay close attention to training, coaching and guidance of our professionals. We are encouraging the exchange of knowledge between professionals.

If you are ready for the next step in your career, please inform for the possibilities of Nova Experia .

The best people in their business

Great performance will lead to even higher expectations. Our clients expect excellent quality from Nova Experia. Quality that can only be delivered when having the best people in the business. Our professionals are our most important asset. Logically we are carefully with our staff . This is not only evident from intensive support and excellent working conditions, but also the flexibility in the contracts . We prefer to enter a long term relationship with high quality employees, but we are working with other contracts also for our clients. For example as a freelancer .

Personal growth

Personal growth is important for us at Nova Experia. We belief that personal growth of our employees leads to growth of Nova Experia in general. Therefore, we pay close attention to the guidance of our professionals. We are investing in personal growth by coaching and training personally.

Personal development plan

It all starts with ambition . If you work for us then we will secure your ambition in a Personal Development Plan ( PDP). Then we define a way to achieve those ambitions. We will stay contacted to measure the progress.

Projects that match your ambitions

We’re trying place you on projects that will match your ambitions. One of the advantages of working on projects is that you can develop in a faster way to achieve the desired function. Faster than when working for a longer period of time for the same employer. We have several prominent customers and challenging projects , regional, national and internationally.

Satisfaction survey

Nova Experia is aiming for the highest level of service.
Nova Experia is a fast growing enterprise that is making fast developments. Maintaining a high level of service is crucial. To manage the process properly and to measure a quality management system is designed, in which quality and safety are integrated . In order to continuously improve the service and to be able to adapt to the needs of our clients and employees you can contact