Why work together with Nova Experia?

You are looking for the partner who not only understands your challenges but also can invest as a supplier of quality staff, as a supporter and advisor for any knowledge or capacity problems. Through fair and transparent acting, we can help built with your success.

We can offer our clients the best support in short and long term. From draughtsmen, planners, project leaders, project managers, cost experts, project administrators and controllers. Our advisors have experience in the engineering so they can empathize with the needs of the client. Nova Experia is working with government and businesses and is operating according ISO,- VCU- and NEN4400 guidelines.

Specialist knowledge and support

Our professionals are experienced and senior management levels and active in the Oil, Gas and Power related industries, construction and civil engineering projects.

Flexibility and security

We are offering you the perfect solution in flexible support. Also, Nova Experia can provide Recruitment within your organization based on ‘ no cure no pay ‘! With the knowledge and expertise available within Nova Experia we can carry out your projects at desired locations.
If you are looking for a reliable and innovative partner, you are at the right place. We are people-oriented and involved in the proces! Enthusiastic employers are there for you.


Decisiveness , infinite service, passion, results and customer-oriented features are the skills of all of our employees. We also attach great importance to personal contact with our clients and do what we promise ! We are flexible so we can help to connect the right employee in a quick and adequately way.


Not only our talent but also the management of Nova Experia strives for perfection. We are making sure that the quality of our organization is carefully monitored and we are contributed to the BS 4400-1 certification. Furthermore, we are also following the ISO 9001:2000 and VCU guidelines and will over time become certified.