How is our approach? Although our method for each customer is different, some elements always come back. Below we describe our common approach.

Brainstorming your needs

Once you have made an appointment with one of the consultants, he or she would like to know you and identify what needs you have in terms of staffing. Each consultant has his own specialty, so that we can always sent someone to visit you who has knowledge of your industry. The following issues are addressed during the meeting:

- Duration of the project
- Desired workforce / working or desired production
- Working
- Working conditions
- Workwear and PPE
- What CAO is being used
- The requirements that you provide to the labor force in the field of language , education,    work experience , certificates etc.
- Which (specific ) rules you follow in the workplace

We also explain our various services and we will discuss what option suits you best.

When your needs are clear for us, we will work to make an appropriate proposal. Before you receive a clear and transparent proposal based on a rate per hour worked or per unit produced. By default, our rates include accommodation, transport and PPE for our agency (unless you specifically ask yourself to make exceptions here). No hidden costs occur, so you will never face surprises.

Recruitment and Selection

After you have given your approval of our proposal, we will search for the right candidates for the project. In some cases we will make another appointment to see the working conditions before the recruitment starts off. We will leave nothing to coincidance to bring the perfect match. With established recruitment offices in the Netherlands, England, Germany, Poland and Portugal, an excellent network and years of experience to ensure that we can select the most suitable candidates for you.


All our employees are accompanied by one of our coördinators at their first day. But after that our coordinator or relation manager regularly stops by at the workplace to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


We regularly evaluate our service with you. The frequence of this depends entirely on your requirements. The feedback of your side will be taken in consideration so that we can make sure that our services always run entirely to your liking.


Because many of our clients are operating in the evening, at night and working at weekends, we are always available in case of emergencies. We have developed a special emergency number that can be dialed when our help is needed.